About US

Our company was set up in 2006, and is a technology oriented company that devotes to NDT (Non Destructive Test) and BAC (Building Automatic Control) industries.

We have an experienced R&D team to design special testing items or automatic control products.

We have two factories: one factory is in Shenzhen for BMS products, and the other one is in Dandong for NDT X-ray products.

In the BAC industry, we design and make various products:
- DDC controllers. Our DDC is the real user programmable DDC. It is used for HVAC, BMS, factory automatic control, environment supervision and control industries. It is very easy to learn and use. The protocols are Modbuses with opened protocols.

- Fire system. We have both addressable and conventional fire system. The addressable fire system has 40 points, 128 points, 198 points, 396 points,798 points, 1188 points wall mounted panel; and no limit big cabinet panel. Include smoke detector, thermal detector, MCP, control module, hooter, extinguisher, fireman panel. The conventional fire system has 4 zone, 8 zone, 16 zone,32 zone panel.

- CCTV cameras. We can assemble mount, dome and global shells, with color or night vision modes. Our IP cameras use SONY 1/3 420 line, 480 line and 580 line PCB. We have good price and quality control because of our big quantity. We have H.264 type good image quality DVR from 4 channels to 32 channels.

In the NDT industry, we have invested in and held an X-ray factory since 2006. The X-ray factory is an old factory with over 20 years' NDT X-ray experience. We can make the whole NDT X-ray products, from glass or ceramic inserts, to portable NDT X-ray flawers, mobile NDT X-ray systems, crawlers, X-ray crystal direction meters, XRD (X-ray diffractometer) and more.

We help customers prepare the whole NDT accessories and we have already become one of the biggest NDT suppliers in China. We can supply:
- Lead protection houses/ doors
- Automatic / Manual film processors
- Lead characters
- Films
- Dark bags
- Lead screens (Intensifying screens)
- Dark room lamps
- Film viewers
- Portable personal radioactive alarms
- Density meters
- Developers/Fixers
- Film processor tanks
- Lead protection clothes
- Ultrasonic flaw detectors
- Ultrasonic thickness meters
- Ultrasonic coating thickness gauges
- Instruments Holiday Detectors
- Surface profile gauges
- Pipe/cable Locators

We have an international service team mixed with Chinese and Indian engineers. We can do international contract.

We hope to cooperate with NDT or BAC friends around the world.